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LAMO The Lion Photography


I shoot with Nikon and always bring multiple pro body camera's to the shoots, along with Tamron lenses including telephoto and super telephoto for that long reach to get the action shots. For presentations I also bring portable LED lighting with stands to compensate for darker venues and get more light on the players and their trophies using prime portrait lenses.


If your hosting an event then we will work with you to capture pictures of your reception, venue, speakers, special guests, candids etc. of the whole day. We have been asked by guests at these events for private pictures, book signings, always happy to help make your guests feel that extra bit looked after. After all we are there as part of your team, which many photographers forget!


To see what we deliver look at our Public Galleries located at Lamo The Lion at Pixieset


Here is a small selection of the our growing portfolio. If you would like to see what is delivered as a typical set at one of the Sports events then send us an email and we will give you a link to a 'view' only collection on our gallery site. With the 'CityScapes' as we call them, we try to find unique pictures of famous landmarks that are different to the normal ones you will find. We love the night time views as the light in them really brings a new dimension to them!

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